An Interview With Alysa Tarrant

I was lucky enough to be born into a vegetarian family and household that was vegan with the exception of the occasional pizza or ice cream. When I was 16, I saw a picture of a cow hung upside down and a caption that read something like “this is what the dairy industry does when it’s done with cows” and I realized that I was still supporting a horrid industry by eating eggs and dairy. Since then, I’ve been a devout vegan (with a few slip ups – some people still don’t seem to know what dairy is!) and have focused my life and career around promoting a vegan world.
I now live in Scotland with my partner who after an enlightening education is now a vegan and we plan on traveling full time once covid is over. I run a vegan travel blog called Voyaging Herbivore and run a business called Vegan Biz Growth where I work with small vegan e-commerce businesses who have a great product and need help getting it out there. Both of these businesses have helped me connect with other amazing vegans, like the incredible team at IVWT!
I feel so lucky to be in the UK during a time when veganism is growing with no signs of stopping! I grew up in an age where if you asked for something vegan, you were often told that there was a gluten free option (still happens now sometimes!) but thankfully today the world of veganism is exploding. Not to mention the past few years are the first times where I’ve befriended other vegans! I’ve been lucky enough to eat some amazing vegan eggs, shrimp, burgers and more in addition to it becoming very easy to find vegan lifestyle products like shampoos and face washes.

Is there another vegan person, product or company you really love? and why do you love them?

If you could only take one book, one movie, and one album to a deserted island what would they be?

Any final thoughts, feelings or musings you wish to add?

I’m switching to focus more on YouTube in the following months.

I also started a one-stop-shop for vegan businesses looking to get up and running! I help vegan business owners who have a great product, but don’t know where to go from there, to create beautiful and optimized websites, build an email list, grow their socials, and implement marketing plans that are easy to follow. The business is called Vegan Biz Growth and can be found at

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