Interview with Chamonix Terblanche

Tell us about your vegan journey

Is there another vegan person, product, or company that you really love? And why do you love them?
Ellen Fisher on YouTube, inspirational, intentional, loving, home schooling
If you could only take one book, one movie, and one album to a deserted island, what would they be?
Forks Over Knives, my journal, and Kygo
Any final thoughts, feelings, or musings you wish to add?
I’m traditionally seen as a very conservative type of person, and people are very surprised to hear that I and my whole family (husband and four kids under 8) all turned vegan with no intention of ever turning back. It has been a very difficult road to learn to cook a vegan diet as we always just planned our meat and couldn’t/didn’t really care about getting plants on our plates, but now that we have done a 180, we have had to learn almost everything from scratch as it has changed our diet completely.

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