Submitting Guest Posts

If you would like to submit a guest post for our site, please contact us below.

We have a few rules so brace yourself:

Your content, of course, must be 100% vegan.

A least 1,000 words, no fluff.

No spelling or grammar issues.

We give credit where credit is due, but we will own the content once published.

Must be original content!

Be interesting.

Make sure all facts and statistics are accurate and attributed properly.

Have fun with it!

We publish material that is edgy, fun & unique so be that, and there is a greater chance we’ll share it!

Additional guidelines:

  • Please write in British English (colour instead of color)

  • Try to use relevant keywords & make sure the primary keyword appears in the title

  • Organise text into separate headers if possible & avoid giant paragraphs

  • Avoid passive voice as much as possible use THIS APP to check how much passive voice you’ve used

  • Use connectives to link points together – in addition, furthermorealsobesides, on one hand

  • Try to keep sentences under 20 words each – shorter sentences are easier to read and are more SEO-friendly

  • Make sure each new sentence starts with a different word – avoid 3 or more sentences which start with the same word

  • If you’re using statistics/facts, please include the (credible) source with direct links or reference where the information came from – According to, demand for meat-free food increased by 987 percent in 2017

  • Choose a point of view and be consistent with it – writing from first-person point of view is fine for a post, but just maintain that point of view throughout the text

  • Avoid using exclamation marks, an ellipsis (…), or parenthesis/brackets too often – a few times is fine but don’t go overboard

  • To rank high on readability, keep your points simple and concise – you’re welcome to use impressive vocabulary, but don’t use too many big words. Don’t overwhelm the reader with complicated terms or jargon

  • Include links to IVWT businesses or other relevant posts on our sites if applicable

Yep. That just about covers it! Pass the above test and we may even hire you full time!

Please, use this form to submit your content.





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