How to Help Animals During the Pandemic

We’ve all had to go through massive changes lately – new routines, more time to reflect, more concerns about health. Whether the pandemic has impacted your daily routine, your job, or your loved ones, it’s worth keeping in mind that animals are adjusting to the current global shift too. With reports of the environment healingcompanion animal adoption rates soaring, and the vegan food demand rising, there are positive changes being made.

The reality is, however, that animals who rely on the kindness of humans to survive are struggling in many places around the world. Animal sanctuaries that depend on donations to stay afloat are struggling now more than ever. Rehabilitation centres that rely on tourists and volunteers can barely afford daily costs. Street animals who survive on handouts from the local people are going hungry.
So, what can we do? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help during this time, even if you’re staying at home.

Join Virtual Sanctuary Tours

Animal sanctuaries usually allow guests to visit and spend time bonding with their residents. If you don’t feel comfortable going in person right now, many sanctuaries like Charlie’s Acres are offering virtual tours. A virtual tour allows you to interact with the animals from the comfort of your own home, for a donation, which pays for animals’ medical and food costs. 
Some sanctuaries have also gotten together to host virtual collaborative events. The Great Farm Sanctuary Tour, which took place near Valentine’s Day, was hosted by Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. Guests could buy tickets for a live virtual tour of 10 different sanctuaries, with a chance to win prizes. With the success of virtual tours this past year and with continued uncertainty around safety, we’re likely to see more collaborative creative events like this in the future.

Review products on aBillionVeg

Do you love taking photos of your food and sharing them on social media? Are you good at writing reviews? Do you seek out the newest vegan products?
Abillionveg is a vegan app and consumer platform where users can review vegan restaurant dishes, vegan cosmetics, vegan snacks and more. For each short review that you post, you earn $1 USD that you can donate to a vegan non-profit of your choice. The process is easy, and there are dozens of organisations around the world to donate to. This includes Mercy For AnimalsSea ShepherdAnimal Place, and more. 

Foster or Adopt an Animal

As remote work options become commonplace, now is the perfect time to foster an animal. Animal companions can be dear friends and can lift your spirits if you’re feeling lonely or stressed. The love, care, and attention you devote can be life-changing for that animal and save them from life in a shelter.
It’s important, however, to think through the decision of caring for an animal carefully. Can you provide adequate care for their needs? Do you plan on keeping the animal even as the pandemic eases? Will you take the responsibilities of caring for them seriously? Some worry that animals will return to shelters in droves when the threat of the pandemic is over, which would be highly unfortunate and traumatic for the animals.

Buy From Businesses That Support Animal Charities

If you’re spending more time shopping online these days, you’re in luck. Many vegan brands donate a portion of sales to animal charities. Are you looking for a birthday present, a new item for your home, or some nutritional supplements?  Shop with ethical brand that will support animals during these times with your purchase. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Giving money is by far the best way to directly help charities and sanctuaries. Even a small amount can offer tremendous help to animals in need. Your funds can contribute to animals’ food costs, medical costs, rescue costs, and more.
If you’re unable to donate money at this time, donate supplies to your local animal shelter or sanctuary. Many are looking for bedding, toys, paper supplies, washing powder, and more. So, call the place closest to you and find out what they need.

Go Vegan

By far, the best way to help animals is by not eating them! Connect with other vegans and check out all of the vegan products and services close to you at IN VEGANS WE TRUST.

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