Yes, you did it! You smashed that first step out of the park. We have put together a little (ok it’s maybe not so little…. BUT it’s super informative) welcome pack for you. If we could be there physically to hold your hand we would but alas, hand holding is pre 2021 so let’s do it digitally instead.

This Welcome pack will enable you to get to know your vendor dashboard inside and out so you can flourish in the marketplace. Keep it somewhere safe.

The most important two steps are to get your settings set up correctly and listing your products, but we have also included short summaries of all the other areas of your dashboard for you to get to know.

Table of contents:

ImportantBasicsIN STORE TABIN PAYMENT TABIN SHIPPING TABIN RMA TABIN STORE SEOProducts & Services TabOther TabsCouponsReportsWithdrawStaff & FollowersAnalytics & ToolsSupportContact Us
How Commissions Work


Important: Bookmark your dashboard and your store on your browser so you can always come back to them easily. You have been emailed the link to your dashboard and you can find the link to your store at the bottom of your dashboard

Need to resize an image for your shop banner or products? Follow the 30 sec video guide for custom sizes and use the free software called Canva is a gamechanger for small businesses. You can thank us later.


Log in here inveganswetrust account with the password you were provided (you can change this after login under edit account)

Next Go to your Marketplace Settings.

Proceed to each of the settings tabs and fill in as much information as you can.


IN STORE TAB: Let your brand come to life
Add Your Shop Banner & Profile image (Size: 625×300 pixels and Profile image 150×150 pixels)
• Specify How many Store Products you want to display Per Page
• Add Contact info

Select the button to display your terms and conditions and copy them into the box below.

You can come back to this section if you decide to take a holiday from your store. Simply select the Go To Vacation button and write your personal message.

Spend some time creating your brand message in the Biography section.

You can add images to your bio using the Add Media button.

Click update settings when you are happy with everything.


If you are new to using Stripe you will need to create an account otherwise connect your existing account.


  • Click the black button at the top to add your shipping policies.
  • Fill in the two boxes below with your Shipping Policy and Refund Policy.


Add your ShipStation details if you have a ShipStation account. You can learn more about ShipStation HERE.

This will enable you to give an even smoother delivery process. More info on how to integrate Ship Station can be found HERE.


  • Enter all your return and warranty information.
  • If you don’t offer a warranty select No Warranty under Type.


Complete each section using strong keywords that relate to your brand. This is the information that will show from the Google search results or when someone posts your store link on Facebook or Twitter.

Wooohoooo that is the settings section done! Click the Back to the Dashboard button at the top and lets start adding your products or services!

Products & Services Tab:

Go to the Products & Services Tab HERE.

You can upload your products one by one or if you are lucky enough to have the product information in a CSV you can bulk import, yippee.

To manually add a product click the “Add Vegan Product or Service” button. Fill out each section about your product or service. You can come back to this page to add a discount to your products if you ever run a special offer.

Upload your main image top left and if you want to add additional images click the + sign below.

To change your images hover over the image and a red cross will appear, click this to delete and upload a different image.

Once you have filled in each section click Create & Add New to keep adding more products or services or click Create Product to complete your first product / service.

Other Tabs:

The Following are a description and summary of what all the other tabs are about.

Now that you have your store looking stunning and your products / services are live it’s time to learn how to manage your store.


Here you can see your order history, update the order status and export your sales data

It’s really important to update the status of your order. To do this click on the order number and it will bring up the order details. You can change the status in the top right corner. Select the relevant status and click black update button.


Got a special offer that you are running? You can create a discount code to be applied at checkout. You can apply this to certain products, your whole store and more.

The title you give your coupon is what you need to share with your audience. For example if you name the coupon WorldVeganDay people can type WorldVeganDay into the coupon section at the checkout to get the discount that you have set.


As your sales build over time, you can start to understand your trends, best sellers and more. You can navigate between the different pages using the buttons along the top.


We really can’t wait till you get to this step! This is where the magic happens and you get to enjoy the rewards of your labour.

Once you have reached a minimum of $30, and 3 days have passed to give you time to pack and ship etc, your money is released, alternatively or can request to withdraw any funds that have cleared 3 days.

Staff & Followers:

Add other team members to your account here, they will receive an email to create their own password.

Hover your mouse over the staff members name and three options will appear. You can edit and delete from here or click Manage Permission to set individual permissions for different staff members.

You can click here to see which members are following your store.

Analytics & Tools:


This section will show you all your pages analytics, you can tab through the different pages using the navigation at the top.


Have heaps of items in an existing store?

Great news, in the tools section you can import your database and map it to your IVWT store. Just click import and follow the walk-through guides. You can also export your products via the export button.


When someone reaches out to you via your support form on your store front, a support ticket will be created, and your tickets will show up here. From here you can manage and resolve your customer questions. Click the title of the support ticket to reply.

We want to give our customers the best experience possible on our Marketplace. To make this possible we need all of our amazing vegan sellers to give the best customer service they can. Please be prompt with your responses and update the status of all orders as soon as possible.

Now that your store is live you can start to share your store with your network. To visit your store click the bottom left button at the bottom of your dashboard.

This will open your store in a new tab. Copy the URL at the top – and you can share this link on your Facebook, Instagram or wherever your audience will see it. The more you share and market your store the better sales results you will achieve. If you don’t have a cart on your website, you can add a link to your store on your website for people to purchase.

Want to get the biggest return on your sales? Become a Business Backstage Pass Member and the commission drops down to only 5% on Product sales and 10% of Service sales. Increase your profits and get the benefits of our Backstage Pass membership.

join vegan business

Ok, that’s it for now, Team IVWT will be reaching out with more guidance and help and will be there for you for whatever you need to flourish on the IVWT Marketplace.

Thanks so much for being part of this vegan economy!

 If you need anything at all, email us.

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