Spirituality and Veganism

My personal experience with a spiritual awakening and the transition into veganism. 

I started my transition to veganism around 2017 after being around three amazing vegans who cooked food that I could never imagine was vegan. Much like the vast majority of surprised people, I would answer with “yeah, I can’t believe that is vegan. It was great, but I do like cheese,” and with every vegan meal I ate, the feeling to make a statement of “yes, but…” was weakening. I stopped expecting the food to be direct replacements and enjoyed it for its own properties.

I thought I would remember the exact dates of when I stopped consuming animal products, but I really don’t as the change was subtle and not a struggle. Although, I do remember the last time I ate beef and chicken. Long story short… I gave up red meat for about four or five months and then I ate a burger at a restaurant. It was advertised everywhere and I fell into the trap. Oh boy, did I regret it. Fast forward three hours later and I’m rolling around in pain. Please don’t even try to tell me this would happen with an apple or some tofu after not eating it for a few months. I could feel my body struggling to digest it and the thought of doing that again put me off. The last time I ate chicken was at a farmers market when I purchased a breaded chicken fillet burger. I took a few bites and I was so aware that I was biting into flesh that I had to throw it away. That was it. The flesh was out of my diet and on reflection, I was very happy.

I have always been a spiritual person at heart, but it was knocking on my door very quietly. I was not sure what it really meant to be a spiritual person or explore spirituality. My real spiritual awakening started to happen when I stopped consuming animal products. My awareness began expanding and my consciousness became more heart-centered. From this new vibration, I was now able to consciously go out of my way to avoid ALL things that involved the exploitation of animals, including boycotting palm oil.

Within this shift, I began to feel real purpose in my life. My thoughts became clearer and I was questioning and observing my behaviours much more. Rather than being my behaviour, I would find myself asking questions like “Why did I say that?” “Why do I get drunk?” “Why do I care so much about this one little aspect of my life?” The foundations upon which I built my ideals were starting to crack. At this time, I was also not feeling particularly attached to any of my material belongings and I became very emotional and unable to deal with the slightest confrontations. I was also noticing a lot of synchronicity in my everyday life and I became more trusting in not knowing the future.

I started meditating often on the questions I would ask myself. If I was unable to meditate, I would take a few minutes to reflect or ‘zone out’ while thinking about these questions. By pushing all other thoughts out of my head, it allowed me to fully concentrate on what I needed to. I found that I was attaching emotions to these questions and not approaching them neutrally. I realized I had been revisiting past experiences and judging myself for how I handled them and therefore judging myself. Compassion to myself and others became a constant theme of my reflections.

In my view and from my personal experience, I refused to live a vegan lifestyle because I was refusing to look in the mirror and confront my addiction to animal products. Again, and I stress in my view, consuming animal products and using excuses like “I could never ever give it up” is not facing the addiction. Addiction by definition is “the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.” It was time to go sober!

‘You are what you eat’;  Trees and plants communicate through a very sophisticated method of sharing nutrients and water through the soil. They can alert other trees to the dangers of drought, disease, and infestation of insects. This system is called the mycorrhizal system and is proof of the ever-present connection of consciousness beyond what the eye can see.  When I decided to feed my body living plants, my mind and body became alive, gifting me with connectivity to all living things. This is instead of fear, panic, and sadness which is what all animals feel leading up to their execution.

There is not a vegan that I have met that is simply a vegan “just because.” There is always a greater purpose to this choice. Living a vegan lifestyle provides an overall sense of “doing the right thing”.  It raises our body’s energy and vibration which allows us to feel more connected to the earth and its inhabitants. If someone were given the choice to either spend time in a slaughterhouse or fields full of fresh ripe vegetables and plants, I think it is safe to assume most human beings would choose the fields.

Meat is big business and before you ask me to put my tin foil hat on just hear me out. History tells us that meat was very likely introduced into our diet because of a climate shift causing us to have a food shortage. It became a necessity for our existence. We created tools and skipped over evolution (i.e., claws/sharp teeth). We started farming and like good humans, we traded, we profited, and it became normal. Fast forward to 2020, the practices are terrible, it is now a supply and demand concept rather than survival and above all else, consuming meat and dairy are no longer a necessity. We’re stuck in a modern society that encourages separation over connection and convenience over compassion.

Veganism is not just about having a plant-based diet, it means more… its compassion, love, and respect.

I feel connected to all living beings since making the change. My only regret is not doing this sooner.

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