The Best Vegan Documentaries to Watch With Your Friends and Family

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

Cowspiracy spotlights the impact that animal agriculture has on the environment. Filmmaker Kip Andersen reveals why there is global denial regarding the connection between factory farming and environmental devastation. The film takes a deep look into the effects caused by animal agriculture, including ocean dead zones, deforestation, habitat loss, and more.

An updated edition of the documentary with climate change activist Leonardo DiCaprio as executive producer was added to Netflix. There has been some debate, however, over whether the actual percentage of emissions generated through animal agriculture, depicted in the film, is accurate. Regardless, if you fully believe in the “cowspiracy”, this film is important. It sheds a bright light on the environmental impact of our consumption habits.

Land of Hope and Glory

Similar to DominionLand of Hope and Glory exposes the cruel practices on factory farms, with this film focusing on UK farms. According to the film’s website, they often heard “that doesn’t happen in our country” in relation to cruel farming practices. This sentiment was a catalyst in creating the film, which uses undercover footage to expose over 100 factory farms in the UK.

Created by UK animal rights organization SurgeLand of Hope and Glory has a prominent vegan activist, Ed Winters (or Earthling Ed), as narrator. Although the film is graphic, its aim is to show the reality of the standard practices on farms. It also debunks the popular myths that the UK has high animal welfare standards and that its farm animals are well-treated.


As the pioneer vegan documentary for animal rights, Earthlings makes the connection between nature, animals, and humankind. It uses footage from hidden cameras to expose cruel practices not only on farms, but also in puppy mills, pet shops, and other industries which use animals for profit. This documentary explores the concept of “speciesism” and urges viewers to feel compassion towards their fellow earthlings.

Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, this film was one of the first of its kind to expose the tremendous violence that animals face. Although it was released almost 15 years ago, it’s still worth watching today. Many of the practices highlighted in the film are still occurring presently. Earthlings is also the centrepiece of many animal rights events, where activists gather in public places to show clips of the vegan documentary to passersby.

Have you seen any of these documentaries? Thoughts?

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