The Ultimate Hashtag Guide for Vegan Businesses

Thankfully you found us, and we specialize in making vegan businesses thrive because we understand you and your clients. To be fair, we are your clients too! It’s selfish because we want you to focus on perfecting that vegan red velvet cake recipe, or designing more vegan shoes. When you are ready to share your creations with the world, make sure they reach the right vegan audience with the right vegan hashtags.

Hashtags by Platform


Hashtags on Twitter are not what they used to be. #But #thanks #to #that #history #we #can #still #read #things #like #this #online. Ugh, that wasn’t pretty, right?

Hashtags in the middle of a sentence halt reading, so avoid them if you can. As a tip, use 1 or 2 hashtags at the end of the text, and feel free to add your own hashtag if you have one. Keep an eye on trends (international days are big!) and take part if you have something to say.

Pro tip: November 1st is World Vegan Day, so start planning!


Instagram is a lot easier to use hashtags for promoting vegan businesses, since there is a maximum amount of 30 hashtags per post. We recommend you use… all 30! But, be careful not to overuse the same set of hashtags in every post. Put them all the way at the end of your post so it doesn’t look busy. We want vegan clients to focus on your picture and your story. We also don’t want them to see a nice hashtag and click away — away from you!


Do Facebook hashtags work? It seems like there is a debate still going with this one. What does seem clear is that engagement is higher when you use hashtags and they make your posts easy to find for people that are looking for them. Whether it be #MondayMotivation or #VeganChristmas, research the latest trends and add these hashtags to your posts if they are relevant.


LinkedIn has seen a lot of changes during the last couple of years, and hashtags are one of the newest changes. How can you take full advantage of this feature? Use 3 or 4 hashtags at the end of your text. To find the relevant hashtags for you, use the search bar to find the ones with a healthy following and stick with them.

Across platforms

Veganism is for everyone, and so should be the presence of vegan businesses. Capitalize the beginning of each word to make hashtags accessible to people that use screen reading software or for people with dyslexia or cognitive disabilities. #VeganForAll​

Well, you made it this far, so now you are good to go. You understand how hashtags work and how to use them to maximize the potential of your vegan business.

Any questions? Reach out to us.

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