Vegan Dating: Why It Matters and the Apps You Need

Note: This vegan dating article is written by a cisgender, heterosexual author and details my personal experience and thoughts on using apps to search for a potential partner. IVWT is LGBTQ+ inclusive and supports all genders, sexes, and sexual orientations. 

When I was about 16, my mom asked me if I would ever seriously date someone who wasn’t vegan.

This was at the beginning of my journey as a vegan. Needless to say, I was pretty die-hard when it came to the topic.

I replied to her that if someone really loved me, they could change their diet.

Flash forward to college. Despite attending a small liberal arts school, the selection of vegan men was non-existent, let alone the men who knew what veganism was. It wasn’t until nearly three years later that I found a partner (although he wasn’t vegan at the time), who now shares my values and lifestyle.

So, what would have been helpful throughout this journey? Vegan dating apps, certainly!

Keep reading to learn more!

Why Does Vegan Dating Matter?

Five years ago, a vegan dating app would have been unheard of, but options are growing quickly today. People are beginning to put their values first when it comes to finding new relationships.

Although many people see veganism as strictly as a diet, those who have been a part of the movement and lived the lifestyle for even as little as a few months know that veganism and the values associated with it impact every aspect of our lives.

Think of it this way – how comfortable would you feel kissing someone after they’d eaten a bloody steak? Or what about family dinners where there’s another person scrunching their nose at your Tofurkey instead of happily splitting the vegan main with you? Looking even further down the road, what about watching your partner pour cow’s milk on your child’s cereal? These are big things to think about that you should take into consideration from the first couple of dates.

Vegan Dating Apps and Websites

While there aren’t a huge number of strictly vegan or even vegetarian dating sites out there, we’ve gathered a few that are a good place to start. Nevertheless, it’s always worth checking out traditional dating sites like Match, Hinge, or Tinder. When I first met my partner, his favourite food was not very vegan-friendly. However, he went cold Tofurkey vegan overnight after a few well-timed documentaries and an enlightenment into the wide variety of vegan options available.

It’s been over two years since I last looked in the app store for dating apps. I have to say that I was happily surprised to see how many options I found when I searched vegan dating!

Start swiping fellow vegans – there are quite a few apps to get through!

Veggly – Vegan Dating

First up is Veggly. This is one of the most popular vegetarian and vegan dating apps available today. Even so, there aren’t a huge number of active people on the platform. But not to despair, it’s still worth signing up and creating a profile since the app is free (with the exception of in-app purchases).

Vegandr – Vegan Dating App

Vegandr helps you find people who match your own lifestyle choices. Just as you might like to see height on traditional dating apps, Vegandr offers a detailed view of a user’s dietary choices. That being said, reviews mention that not everyone on the app is vegan or even vegetarian. So, be sure to read the profiles before swiping. Memberships start at $21.99 per month.


Grazer prides itself on being the place for plant-based singles to meet, although vegan junk food lovers are more than welcome. The app is fairly new, and developers seem to be consistently working on fixing bugs. So even if you have a few problems, keep trying.

The app is free with in app purchases, such as the ability to rewind those that you’ve swiped past before.

Hello Veggie: Vegan Dating

Hello Veggie is designed with the goal of helping you find your veggie soulmate (or hookup, we’re not here to judge) and it does so without the bells and whistles that many other dating apps make money from.

The app is free and makes money from advertisements so there’s no need to pay for a membership.

Tendrils – Vegan Dating & Chat

Tendrils is designed specifically for vegans of any age, gender, or sexual orientation with the goal of helping vegans nearby connect with each other. The app gives a variety of filter options such as diet, age, gender, distance, and sexual orientation. The app is relatively new and has a small user base so download it today and tell your vegan friends! Tendrils appears to be free at the time of writing.

Learn More About the Vegan Lifestyle

Dating as a vegan is still a relatively new practice for most people. We’re learning how to navigate the social and emotional sides of finding a partner while still holding strong to our values.

Give these dating apps a try and don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel successful. As the vegan lifestyle movement grows, so will the number of apps and people on them.

Start swiping today and leave a comment below about your experience!

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