Time For a Wardrobe Update?

If you have been thinking about updating your wardrobe, or perhaps finding that key piece to balance out your collection, you need to read this blog by Future King and Queen. Full disclaimer, if you are trying not to spend, make sure you hide your credit cards first as there are some stunning pieces.
Check out the amazing designers who made the list here.


10 Amazing Animals You Need To Meet: Their Rescue Stories Told In Photos

Animal rights activist and photographer, Britt Bosse, captures stunning portraits of 10 animals, whose unique stories are recounted in this article. It’s inspiring to see how humans can come together to help animals, who have been injured or can’t survive in the wild, so that they can lead a full, well-cared for life. Read more here.



Carnage, Swallowing the Past

Released in 2017, this lesser-known mockumentary has been around for a while but is definitely worth the watch. Directed by Simon Amstell, it is set 50 years into the future, and takes viewers on a dystopian journey looking back at how we ate meat and diary.
Even though it is a mockumentary, it deals in facts and highlights the need for change in the food industry.
Check out the trailer here.


Singapore, a Vegan Foodie Delight

Whether you plan to visit Singapore, or simply transit, there are many reasons to add this island to your future travel bucket list. Along with world class tourist attractions, like the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, and shopping on Orchard Road, there is a thriving vegan food scene.
One of our top picks is Veganburg which is 100% vegan and serves up amazing burgers. Check out their menu here.


Banana Cashew Cheesecake

Are you ready? Your life is about to change here. This recipe is the type of thing you make, stick in the back of the fridge, and tell no-one.



Ageless Vegan: The Secret to Living a Long and Healthy Plant-Based Life

Best-selling author, award-winning nutritionist, and 34-year vegan, Tracye McQuirter, and her mother, Mary, deliver 100 recipes, as well as nutrition and lifestyle tips for longevity. Get your glow on!



Davey Havok

Davey Havok is the vocalist in the Californian punk outfit, AFI. The band has released 11 full length albums, all featuring Havok on the vocals. However, his resume also includes singing in the band Blaqk Audio, actor, fashion designer, author, and being a long time vegan. Havok credits his switch to a vegan lifestyle to PETA and his involvement in the hardcore scene in the US. In an interview with PETA, Davey spoke about the influence that community had on his decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle:
“I grew as part of the straight edge hardcore scene, and animal rights was very much a part of that music community. At hardcore shows, it was not uncommon for PETA to be present, handing out information about animal rights, and about vegetarianism and about veganism…
I have wanted to live the healthiest lifestyle possible, being vegan is a part of that desire, to be able to consume foods that I know help me body rather than destroy my body, and to avoid foods that are detrimental to my wellbeing, in the same way that I would avoid drugs and alcohol and other poisons.”
Aside from the health benefits of being vegan, Havok also spoke of becoming aware of the terrible suffering that farm animals endure in the meat and dairy industries, and realising that adopting a vegan diet was the only ethical path.
Along with the straight edge music scene, the singer also credits the book, Diet for a New America, with influencing him to ditch animal products. Immediately after reading the book, he made the change and has never looked back.
“To this day, I still experience people who criticise the way I like to eat; the way I like to live, most of those people are fearful of what they truly know is right and is fair and is compassionate and is healthy, it makes them uncomfortable with themselves and then they lash out at me. I don’t care, I never have. I am happier when I am true to what I believe in and true to what I know is right.”
Due to his good looks, PETA awarded Havok the title of being one of the sexiest vegetarian celebrities in 2012. Apart from his career in music, Davey has helped launch a line of vegan shoes with his clothing company Zu Boutique.
Written By IVWT Member Steve Phillips


Mac Danzig

One of the most persistent and unfounded myths that surround veganism is that it is impossible to compete at a world class level in sport while not eating meat. One of the best ways to disprove this myth is to look at professional athlete and holder of a Black Belt in  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mac Danzig. Before retiring from the sport of Mixed Martial Arts at the age of 37, Danzig amassed an impressive record of 22 wins out of 35 professional fights, while competing against the best fighters in the world as part of the illustrious roster of athletes in the UFC. Danzig first competed professionally in the sport of MMA in 2001 and turned vegan in 2004. While it is not unusual to name vegan athletes these days, back in 2004, it was seen as more of an anomaly, especially in the world of combat sports. Danzig completely disproved the idea that consuming meat is necessary for strength, as he tore through the sport and won the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter Season 6 title in the Welterweight Division in 2007. Danzig was featured in the 2011 documentary Forks Over Knives, where he displayed the grueling training regime he undertook as a professional athlete, and spoke about initially giving up dairy products as a teenager due to allergies, before fully embracing a vegan diet in his early 20s. In the documentary, he stated: “I feel like I have more energy now that I don’t eat the meat products, and I also feel like I recover better in between my workouts.”
When asked about the perception of veganism in MMA back in 2012, Mac commented:
“When people first started realising that I was Vegan, I was the odd man out. I was the only person in combat sports doing it. You know, there was one other random professional boxer who happened to be vegetarian, but his diet was filled up with cheese and whey protein, so that doesn’t really count. So I was the only guy. It didn’t matter how many fights I won, whenever I’d lose people would always criticize my diet. ‘Oh he doesn’t get enough meat and protein in his diet, that’s why he lost!’
Aside from the physical benefits of following a vegan lifestyle, the suffering of animals also played a part in Danzig’s decision to ditch animal products.
“In this day and age, buying animal and dairy products causes way more suffering and harm than it does good…. Today you have processed meats and a lot of animals suffering unnecessarily for it. Now, some people just blow that off and don’t have a conscience about it or they just don’t care. They wouldn’t eat their dog but they feel that way about other animals. But for me, I just decided to stop eating meat. I didn’t want to contribute to all of that. I’m not trying to change the world or wear that on my sleeve or make a political statement, because that just turns people away. I only have control over one person and that’s myself. And I feel good about it.”
Since retiring from professional competition, Danzig is still proudly vegan and now runs his own MMA school in Bend Oregon called Danzig MMA.
Written By IVWT Member Steve Phillips

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