Vegan Tech Startup Making Clothes Out of Algae

An Israeli start-up is creating biodegradable textiles using algae. Yes, you read that right, algae!
Algaeing, a startup founded by Renana Krebs, is producing quality, eco-friendly textiles, which are carbon negative and 100% zero waste.
This isn’t just your regular ‘sustainable’ business, algae is a renewable natural source that doesn’t require excess water to produce. The other amazing aspect is that wearing algae-based fabrics are actually good for your skin.


Art to Heal: Meet the Vegan Artists Hoping to Change the World

Can the ‘production of aesthetic objects’ serve our social movement? Can it broadcast the animals’ plea? Can it outreach our message? are important questions asked by the author in this article that explores several vegan artists’ work. Lynda Bell, Chantal Poulin Durocher, Ruth Killoran, Jo Frederiks, and Charlotte Drene are featured. Read more here.



They’re Trying to Kill Us

Vegan dream team, Billie Eilish and John Lewis, have teamed up for a new documentary highlighting food disparities and environmental racism in the US Black communities.
Following on from What the Health, this feature-length documentary explores some big topics and is a must watch for all.


Malta – A Vegan Digital Nomad Friendly Island

Malta, an island nation in the Mediterranean, is coming back strong from the pandemic and is inviting vaccinated digital nomads to work and play. With one of the highest vaccination rates in Europe, they have released a new remote work policy making it easier than ever for digital nomads to relocate.
Malta is super vegan-friendly. Most restaurants, even if they aren’t exclusively vegan, will cater to vegans.


Coconut Macaroon

Ma-ca-roon NOT ma-ka-hron… although macarons are delicious, we’re going to macaroon town this week! Toasted coconut and dark chocolate is always a winner in my book. It also uses aquafaba and honestly, we just like saying that word.



Entangled Empathy: An Alternative Ethic for Our Relationships with Animals

Philosopher, ethicist, scholar, and author, Lori Gruen’s book discusses how empathy must come first in our activism; how we must consider nonhuman animals’ perspectives and needs. She calls on readers to consider how to attend deeply to others and to be both responsive and responsible. Check out the book here.



Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is an award-winning journalist, who, for many years, wrote for the New York Times, often reporting from war zones. For 40 years, his journalistic work has taken him into conflict zones in the Middle East, where he reported fearlessly and objectively on what he witnessed there, despite being kidnapped and having his life threatened.  He has authored many thought-provoking books that draw on his experiences while reporting about conflict all over the globe. When writing about events he has witnessed or problems confronting humanity, Hedges pulls no punches about the seriousness and scale of the issues we currently face. Through his pursuit of the truth and solutions to the environmental disaster currently facing the planet, Hedges reached the inevitable conclusion that one of the best things an individual can do to reduce their environmental footprint is to become vegan. In his 2014 article on, Hedges wrote:
… becoming vegan is the most important and direct change we can immediately make to save the planet and its species.
At the time not only did Hedges become a vegan, but his wife and children also joined him. Hedges has written in his books about the consequences of corporate greed, the disastrous effects on the environment of animal agriculture,  and the horrendous cruelty inflicted upon animals. In his article he noted:
We can, by becoming vegan, refuse to be complicit in the torture of billions of animals for corporate profit and can have the well-documented health benefits associated with a plant-based diet, especially in the areas of heart disease and cancer.
His books are available online.


Rob Zombie

Anyone who is a fan of 90s alternative music knows the name, Rob Zombie. Rising to prominence as the frontman of the band White Zombie, before starting a solo career in the late 90s, Zombie has sold millions of albums across the globe and has also ventured into writing, directing, and acting in horror films. While his music and movies may often revolve around themes of horror, Zombie takes an ethical stance against violence and cruelty. He became a vegetarian in the early 80s at the age of 18 and has been vegan since 2012.
In an interview with GQ, Zombie spoke about never enjoying the taste of flesh,
Whenever I was served pork chops or something it would just taste awful to me. We’re all brainwashed from the moment we’re born that all the cows are happy and the pigs are happy and everybody’s so happy and it’s all, Old McDonald Had a Farm. And then I saw a movie that was the first time I really saw how brutal and disgusting factory farming was. That’s when I was, like, I’m done.
Further research into the cruelty inflicted upon innocent animals in the dairy and egg industries led Rob to the next logical step of becoming a vegan. Rob spoke about the progression of veganism and the fact that following a vegan lifestyle has never been easier, while also highlighting the anti-establishment nature of the lifestyle,
Veganism is … anti-establishment [but] it’s becoming more of an established thing — every day some new chain like McDonald’s or Burger King starts working a sandwich into their repertoire, because they can see the meat industry has an unsustainable future.
Veganism obviously benefits Rob’s stamina. He is well into his 50s but shows no sign of slowing down with his artistic output.
In March 2021, Zombie released his seventh studio album as a solo artist, The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy. Have a listen to it on Spotify and if you enjoy horror movies, check out the numerous films he has written and directed such as, 3 From Hell and The Lords of Salem.

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